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Art Auctioneers in Kenya - Lolwe Auctioneers

Art Auctioneers in Kenya - Lolwe Auctioneers
 In Kenya, Lolwe Auctioneers are the Art Auctioneers. We sell on behalf of artists, their works at designated places, mostly in Hotels in Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa. These auctions take plece in the evenings and proceed to the early night.

What is an Art Auction
An Art Auction or Fine Art Auction is the sale of art works, in most cases in an Auction House or a designated hall or place. Normally, an Auction Catalog, that lists the art works to be sold, is written and made available well before the Auction date. An advertisement in the Daily Newspapers is done early enough to create awareness of the Auction.
"Lolwe Auctioneers have the expertise and know-how of Art Auctions in Kenya". We, Lolwe Auctioneers are the Art Auctioneers in Kenya.

Buying at Live Auction, Online Auction or by Private Gallery Sale:
All items that are offered and sold by Lolwe Auctioneers live auctions are subject to our published Terms and Conditions of Business, our Catalogue Terms and any oral announcements made during the course of our live sales. If you are unable to attend our auction in person during our live auction, you can bid on our Internet site.
If you are unable to submit a bid for our online auction, please contact us to discuss other possible arrangements - Email -

Payment must be made by:
a) Bank Wire direct to our account which we provide on request.
b) Certified Cheque or Bank Draft, unless otherwise arranged in advance with us, or
c) A cheque accompanied by a current Letter of Credit from the Purchaser's bank which will guarantee the amount of the cheque. A cheque not guaranteed by a Letter of Credit must be cleared by the bank prior to purchases being released.
We have offices in Nairobi City, Kenya and our Art Auction experts regularly travel across the Kenya providing confidential and Professional Auction appraisals.
Call us today to arrange for the assessment of your fine art for auction.

Lolwe Auctioneers will arrange to have Property purchased at the Auction sale packed, insured and forwarded to the Purchaser at their request, expense and risk pursuant to the Terms and Conditions of Business set out in the Auction Sale Catalogue.
The Purchaser is aware and accepts that Lolwe Auctioneers does not operate a professional packing service and shall provide such assistance for the convenience only of the Purchaser.
Using its discretion, solely as an accommodation to Purchasers, Lolwe Auctioneers will pack, on its premises, small objects that are not fragile and prints in unglassed frames. Larger works will be forwarded to a professional Art Courier company. All such works are packed at the Purchaser’s risk and then transported by a carrier chosen at the discretion of Lolwe Auctioneers.

All packing, handling and shipping charges will be at the Purchaser's expense.

Selling at Live Auction, Online Auction or by Private Gallery Sale:
Lolwe Auctioneers offer individuals, collectors, corporations and public entities a full service structure for the successful de-acquisition of their artworks. Interested parties should contact us to arrange for a private and confidential appointment to discuss their preferred method of disposition and to analyze preliminary auction estimates, pre~sale reserves and consignment procedures. This service is offered free of charge.

If you are from out of Nairobi City, or are unable to visit us at our offices, we would be pleased to assess the saleability of your artworks by mail, email or courier. Please provide us with photographic or facsimile reproductions of the artworks and information pertaining to title, artist, medium, size, date, provenance, etc. Representatives of our firm travel regularly to major Kenya cities to meet with prospective sellers and purchasers.
It is recommended that property for inclusion in our sale arrives at Lolwe Auctioneers offices at least 90 days prior to our auction. Property for our online auction sale should arrive at least 5 days prior to the Internet posting of our sale. This allows time to photograph, research, catalogue, promote, and complete any required work such as re~framing, cleaning or restoration. All property is stored free of charge until the auction; however, insurance is the Consignor's expense.
Consignors will receive, for completion, a Consignment Agreement and Consignment Receipt which sets forth the terms and fees for our services.
Consignors are entitled to set a mutually agreed Reserve or minimum selling price on their artworks.
Lolwe Auctioneers charges no Seller's penalties for artworks that do not achieve their Reserve price. However, we do charge a photography/cataloging/internet posting charge for each Lot.

Online Auction Seller's Commission
Our Seller's Commission rates charged by Lolwe Auctioneers for our on~line auctions are the same as our live sales. Lolwe Auctioneers online Auction photography, cataloging and internet posting charges are per item. We have no minimum commission for items consigned to our online Auctions.

Rates and fees charged by Lolwe Auctioneers for private gallery sales are agreed upon on an individual basis.

Framing and Conservation:
Framing: Whether you are a consignor or a purchaser, Lolwe Auctioneers offers guidance and in-house service for framing your works of art. Attractive, suitable and well-made frames will not only enhance the saleability of your works of art if you are a consignor but will also increase your enjoyment of your collection while protecting works from potential damage.
Please feel free to contact any of our offices to assist you with your framing requirements.

Conservation: As with any collectible item or other real property, maintaining value and saleability depends very much on the good condition of the work. Often a light surface cleaning will refresh a work and reveal details long hidden.
Our experienced staff has been trained to carefully examine your works of art and to advise you about having works cleaned or repaired.

Private Sale and Private Purchase:
Although Lolwe Auctioneers Auction marketing system is the best venue to market important works of art to their fullest advantage, we understand there may be circumstances where clients wish to sell privately. Lolwe Auctioneers has a long and successful history of brokering private sales for our clients. Our highly regarded specialists - known for their scholarship, market savvy and access to a global network of clients - work one-on-one with consignors and buyers to devise a hand-tailored strategy customized to meet all of your needs.
If you would like to sell your works of art outside one of our many auction timelines, our Private Sale service can discreetly broker transactions on your behalf. A professional Consignment Agreement or Statement of Payment will be prepared, and all artwork must be in our possession prior to being offered. Lolwe Auctioneers will then approach the appropriate collectors based on the type of work being sold. Our global client base and vast knowledge of collector interests will result in the best offer on your behalf. Lolwe Auctioneers are also ready to assist you with a private purchase. If you are looking for a particular work of art or have a special occasion and wish to conclude a time sensitive purchase, our specialists will use their vast national network of professionals and private collectors to quickly source the piece you are searching for.

If you are interested in our Private Sale or Private Purchase services, please contact us:

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