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Lolwe Auctioneers' Company Profile


Lolwe Auctioneers is a firm of Auctioneers licensed by the Kenya Auctioneers Licensing Board to undertake Public Auctions, Distress for Rent, Realization of Charged Securities, Execution of court orders, carry out Eviction orders as instructed by the Kenya Courts, Repossessions of Chattels Mortgage within the Kenyan borders. We also undertake the above services in the East Africa Countries of Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi in partnership with Licensed Auctioneers in the named countries. Our Auctioneers are also Licensed Kenya Courts Process Servers by the High Court of Kenya. In addition to the above, we undertake Debt Collection Services as well as Private Investigations (PI) Services within Kenya and East Africa.
Lolwe Auctioneers has risen over the years from humble beginnings in the City of Kisumu in the year 1996, growing over a period over the years to hold a prestigious position of one of the top Auctioneers, Court Process servers and Debt Collectors in the East African region.
The main reason for the climb up this corporate ladder has been the standards that the company has maintained with exceptional levels of integrity and transparency in its interactions with various clienteles.

Our Vision
To be one of the preferred Auctioneer firms in East Africa offering services as stipulated by the Laws of Kenya.

Our Mission
To deliver high quality services to our clients without harming or hurting the judgment debtors.

Our Services
When you engage our services you can be assured of the best that Kenya has to offer in our areas of specialty. Our prices are reasonable and are governed by the laws of Kenya. Operating in our Nairobi City Centre offices, we are able to do any assignment that covers the Five East Africa countries of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi as we have sister firms in each of these respective countries.
Lolwe Auctioneers operations are computerized and employ the latest technology in executing its mandate thereby ensuring that it is counted among the forerunners in embracing modern technology among the East Africa Auctioneers, Debt Collectors, Private Investigators, and Court Process Servers.

Our Staff
We are a professionally managed Legal Enforcement entity offering competitive, effective and efficient Auctioneering, Private Eye Investigations, Debt Collection, Court Process s services in the industry.Our team of highly qualified and dedicated staff enhances our strength in the industry. We at Lolwe Auctioneers are dedicated to offer you our services, while working as a team and in strict observance of the law.

Managing & Lead Partner;
James  Asudi – Licensed Auctioneer / Court Process Server / Debt Collector         
James is a licensed class “B” Auctioneer, licensed Court process server as well as an Accountant by profession, appraiser, teacher, presenter, auction law consultant and an expert witness. He has over 30years experience in the Auctioneering fraternity. James also holds a Kenya Courts Process Service Certificate issued by the High Court of Kenya.  

Junior Partner;
Wayne Asudi - Licensed Auctioneer / Court Process Server / Debt Collector         
Wayne is a licensed class “A” Auctioneer, licensed Court process server as well as a Horticulturalist by profession. He has over 5 years experience in the Auctioneering fraternity. Wayne also holds a Kenya Courts Process Service Certificate issued by the High Court of Kenya.  

Our Expertise:

Public Auctions
We hold Public Auctions throughout the Republic of Kenya. Our services in this field are mostly sort by companies upgrading and modernizing their equipment, Financial institutions disposing of securities, Courts disposing of exhibits and forfeited property, Government corporations disposing of old assets, Storage facility companies as well as individuals in need of disposing of old assets including household goods. Lolwe Auctioneers are expert when it comes to selling through Public Auctions. We will sell the items you no longer need, be it old households, office furniture, company equipment, items that you consider obsolete name it, we shall assist you in their disposal with a financial return to you. We offer this services at a commission agreed upfront between you and us.

Debt Collection Services
This is another field where we are experts and tops. At Lolwe Auctioneers, your accounts receivables will receive maximum attention. Debt collection is an area where absolute honesty and financial discipline of the collector is of utmost importance. We at Lolwe Auctioneers assure you that all your accounts placed with us will be handled with the highest standards of integrity. Effectiveness and efficiency in the collection process are our most honored virtues. We labour to ensure our clients’ expectations are met at all times.
Although most clients may have already written demand letters for payment, a letter from a professional third party i.e. ourselves does carry a lot of extra weight and a good percentage of debtors will respond. They appreciate that the warnings are no longer an idle threat. Our strong worded and firm collection letters are sent by fax, e-mail as well as personal deliveries to maximize their effect.
Our team of experienced negotiators will also phone your debtors at key times of the day or evening to pin down decision makers and cheque signatories who may have avoided you in the past. We also make personal visits to the debtors’ premises to maximize the collection efforts. We visit premises throughout the Republic of Kenya, both commercial and residential.
We boast the privilege of having successfully collected debts for both local and international companies as well as individuals, some of which we have continued to work with us for over 15 years.
In debt collection, we charge commissions on contingency basis. You only pay us out of the monies we successfully recover for you from the debtor.

Our Clients on Debt Collection Exercise

Some of our clients whom we are collecting Debts from include:-
  1. Doshi Group of Companies
  2. Ryce East Africa Ltd
  3. Coca Cola SABCO
  4. Diversey East & Central AfricaLtd
  5. TransAfricaWater sysems Ltd.
  6. Daniels Outlet Ltd.
  7. Motion Industrials Ltd.      
Our customers come first, to whom the existence of our business squarely depend.

Kenya Courts Process Service

We are a Licensed Court Process service entity in Kenya. We serve all legal documents and your other important documents upon the parties to whom they are addressed. This we do as per the legal specifications. We understand that court process service is an integral part in the administration of justice. We thereof execute the process at the shortest time possible bearing in mind that ‘justice delayed is justice denied’. Our team of certified court process servers will handle all your assignments with the utmost professionalism. At Lolwe auctioneers, we serve to meet your expectations.

Repossessions of Chattels Mortgage

We recover possession of property acquired through hire purchase on behalf of the owners upon being instructed so to do. In the matters of repossessions, we are certified to operate throughout the Republic of Kenya.

Our services have been of great value to:-
  •    Motor Vehicle and other heavy Machinery dealers
  •    Credit Companies
  •    Hire Purchase Companies
  •    Chattel Mortgage Companies
  •    Tenant Purchase Scheme Organizations
  •    Furniture dealers
  •    Banks and Financial Institutions
We boast a team of experienced staff who will collaborate with your credit department to ensure that accounts placed with us are dealt with within the shortest practicable time and to a logical conclusion.
In repossessions, you can instruct us either directly or through your lawyers/advocates.

Distress for Rent Services:

We are licensed to levy distress for rent in various cities in Kenya. Distress for rent is the act of seizing or causing goods to be seized from a tenant who owes rent service in arrears with a view of selling them to recover those arrears of rent. This undertaking has to be done by a Licensed Auctioneer duly certified to carry out distress for rent by the Kenya Auctioneers Licensing Board. The Distress for Rent Act Chapter 293 Laws of Kenya regulates distress for Rent activities.
Lolwe Auctioneers offers rent recovery services to property owners and landlords who instruct us through their lawyers, as well as their property managers otherwise known as Estate Agents. The Landlords may also directly instruct us without passing through third parties. For distress for rent, the landlord does not have to seek the assistance of the court for him/her to recover rent through distress. The process of Distress for rent is guided by the Distress for Rent Act Cap 293 Laws of Kenya. This statute stipulates the procedures to be followed in effecting the distress against a tenant. The Distress for Rent Act is available for sale to the public at the Government Press situated along Haile Selassie Avenue in Nairobi. The laws of Kenya are also available online free of charge at
Lolwe Auctioneers boast a wealth of experience in the field of distress for rent spanning for over twenty five(25) years. We are licensed to offer this noble service of recovering your owed rents in the city of Nairobi and the neighbouring expansive Kiambu district amongst other cities in Kenya. One of our major customers in this field include; Villa Care Ltd., Tysons Limited, amongst other clients.
We seize goods; store them in insured warehouses pending their redemption or sale through Public Auctions. We are experts at selling through Public Auctions.

Our services are mostly sort by;
  •    Real Estate Managers and Agents
  •    Advocates acting on behalf of their clients
  •    Property owners and landlords
Realization of Charged Securities / Property – Property Auctions

Charged securities/property are items pledged as security to banks and other financial institutions to act as guarantee that monies advanced to the owners thereof shall be repaid promptly in accordance with the terms of the agreements. The property pledged as security may be movable assets, land and buildings, stock in trade or any other security acceptable to the lender. Lolwe Auctioneers have been in the business of realizing pledged securities since its inception.
When it comes to the realization of immovable property, you can count on our rich experience in this field having been in the panel of Barclays Bank of Kenya Limited, one of the leading financial institutions in Kenya for over 15 years. We have realized immovable properties from every corner of the country. This has made us establish a client base for immovable properties all over the country.
Our advancement in ICT ensures that we remain at the top of the competition in the Industry. We are able to market the properties internationally through internet on our website. We are in constant touch with the Diaspora Community and international investors who frequently email us enquiring on the properties on sale through Public Auction.
By placing an assignment with us, you are always assured of speedy desired results. By adopting the latest communication technology, we have added value to our services in that, communication between our clients and us is almost instant. We have over the years realized charged securities in form of land and buildings, Office furniture and equipment, Motor Vehicles, Households assets amongst other securities.

Private Investigation / Skip Tracing

Private Investigation is an area where you need confidence in the integrity and energy of the agency you engage. Lolwe Auctioneers is the private investigator you can trust for fast, efficient and friendly service. Lolwe Auctioneers provides services to organizations such as Lawyers, Banks, Corporate bodies as well as to individual clients. We trace and ascertain the assets belonging to the runaway debtor.
Our services are vital to the Companies, individuals and Law firms that wish to execute warrants of attachment and warrants of arrest against judgment debtors. We are also of great importance to litigants wishing to serve court processes upon parties whose physical addresses are not known.
The many law firms and financial institutions that engage our services can attest to our tracing prowess.

Court Warrants Executions

This is the seizure of assets pursuant to Court warrants of attachment issued by the commercial courts following litigations in civil matters. Here the Courts award the successful litigant amounts of money in form of a judgement against the losing litigant in a commercial dispute. In the event the party against whom the judgement has been made fails to pay the claim, the Court may cause execution of its decree by ordering attachment of the assets of the defaulting Judgement debtor upon application by the decree holder.
Lolwe Auctioneers are experts in the field of executing court warrants of attachment of property. We have over the years offered this service to reputable law firms acting on behalf of their clients. We offer speedy services which ensure the Decree holder enjoys the fruits of his litigation at the earliest time possible. We frequently and correctly update our clients in the happenings on the matters placed with us and at the same time give utmost attention to the matter at hand.
We strive to deliver the desired results. Honesty and openness are our strongest virtue in our undertakings. We understand the high level of trust vested on us by our clients in allocating their matters to us and work very hard to seeing to it that we reciprocate by delivering the desired results. 

Private (Eye) Investigation Services

Due to demand from Corporate Human Resource Managers, Corporate bodies and the Kenyan populace for corporate and individual private investigations, Lolwe Auctioneers has been approached by both individual and corporate bodies for the services of Skip tracing and other private eye investigations, follow up of persons movements within a designated area to ascertain individual behaviours at certain hours of the day.

These include:

Corporate Private Eye Services

Human Recourse is the back bone for every successful company. Behavioral activities of various staff before and after employment are a real concern for human resource managers for both employment and promotional purposes. We have been involved in corporate staff investigations for incumbent New staff after interviews to ascertain the authenticity of their allegations as per their CVs' information’s on their past.
We also get involved with the already employed staff investigations on their after duty involvements and behaviour.

Individual Private Eye Investigation Services

In today’s world, better know the person you stay with or the one you want to stay with better before the real persons behaviour comes out. Parents of today stay with their children but they do not know who they are after leaving their houses.
Partners have approached us for information of their spouses, lovers and brides and bridegrooms for their individual behaviours while away from one another. Better know your partner well before you involve yourself with each other.
Lolwe Auctioneers may help you with private information on the behaviour of your staff, Children and your partners.

Background Check and Background Investigation Services in Kenya
Lolwe Auctioneers firm is an expert in background check and background investigation Services. We use all the knowledge of private investigations, screening and information technology to undertake these duties for various corporate and individuals whom for ethical confidentiality, we are not able to mention.


  •    Well established and Centrally located offices at Cargen Hse, Harambee Avenue, suit 305 and a Auction House at Bamburi Road, off Enterprice rd. Industrial Area.
  •    Normal office furniture/workstations
  •    Motor Vehicles Reg. No. KBT 988Y, KBZ 087R
  •    Five desktop computers (internet connected 24/7)
  •    Two Laser Jet printers
  •     Fax machine.
  •    Telephone lines (Landlines and Cell phones)
  •     Internet Connection 24/7
  •     Website:

  1. Ryce East Africa Ltd.,  Finance Director  - Cell: 0733703569, Email: Jones Mananda []
  2. Diverey East & Central Africa Ltd., Contact: Grace,Credit Risk & Collections Manager, Cell:+254 729375394
  3. Motion Industrials Ltd.  Brian Bairu, Sales Manager,Cell: +254 728556037
  4. Coca-Cola SABCO, Priskilla Kimani, CONTROLLER CREDIT, Tel: | Mob: 0727162820, Email:

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